The NCBA Diversity Statement
The North Carolina Bar Association is an inclusive organization committed to recognizing, respecting, promoting and encouraging diversity among its leadership, its membership and the entire legal community.

Joint Diversity Task Force Recommendations
The North Carolina Bar Association adopted these recommendations on Oct. 23, 2010. The recommendations originated in the Joint Diversity Task Force Report of 2007 and the Joint Diversity Task Force Report of 2010 and were consolidated by a working group of the NCBA Board of Governors.

New Responsibilities for Diversity Initiatives

  • A diversity contact will be appointed for each NCBA Section and Division. The NCBA will consider creating awards to recognize Section and Division diversity efforts.
  • Diversity initiatives will be included in the President's and Executive Director's responsibilities.

New Conferences or Programs

  • Diversity/sensitivity training programs will be incorporated into annual bar leadership training (Bar Leadership Institute and Bar Leaders Orientation) and ongoing training and development programs for NCBA staff
  • The Pathways to Inclusion Leadership Academy initiative will be folded into the new Leadership Academy for Young Lawyers, to be established through the Young Lawyer Initiatives Task Force. Emphasis will be placed on the diversity of the participants and diversity will be emphasized as part of the leadership training.
  • The NCBA will sponsor various conferences focused on law school admissions, such as the Law-Related Education Committee's High School Career Conference and the Teens and Attorneys Partnering for Success (TAPS) program. The Minorities in the Profession Committee is developing a program for 2012 to bring together law school admission personnel and undergraduate and high school career counselors. The NCBA will consider using technology to reach a broader audience for these programs and rotating programs between different regions of the state.
  • The NCBA will periodically sponsor a "closing the achievement gap" conference. The NCBA will consider using the Education Law Section in cooperation with the N.C. Department of Public Instruction to develop other programs.
  • The Young Lawyer Initiatives Task Force is developing a mentoring program with a diversity component.
  • The Membership Committee will develop a survey of law firm managing partners to gauge legal employers' diversity eff orts to identify "best practices" and make the information available to all legal employers.
  • The NCBA, through the Minorities in the Profession, Women in the Profession and Latino Affairs Committees, will continue to coordinate at least one diversity-focused mentoring and networking program every other year.

Diversity Statement

  • The NCBA has adopted the written diversity statement that appears above.


  • The NCBA will continue to maintain a list of CLE program presenters, including diverse presenters, and continue to promote its review by CLE course planners.
  • The NCBA will continue to encourage CLE planners to offer programs addressing the needs of underserved and diverse populations.


  • The NCBA, through the Minorities in the Profession Committee, will recruit NCBA members who were members of diversity-related law school groups to speak to those groups about NCBA membership.
  • The NCBA will continue to have diversity-related talking points as part of NCBA membership presentations.
  • The NCBA will enlist members of diversity-related committees to recruit former NCBA members from diverse backgrounds.

Buddy System

  • The NCBA will adopt a buddy system for diverse new members of Sections or Divisions by having the membership chair of each Section or Division take the lead.

Diversity Task Force

  • The NCBA President will, as needed, appoint a Diversity Task Force.

ABA Reports

  • The NCBA will continually review ABA reports on diversity in order to consider adopting strategies consistent with those reports.

NCBA Webpage

  • The NCBA will continually update the NCBA webpage to include diversity-related content and links to relevant websites.

  • Latino Affairs
  • Minorities in the Profession
  • Women in the Profession